The BibTri database (BIBliography on TRIatomines) is available gratis on Internet to all the scientific researchers and health professional working in relation to Chagas disease, and especially those who work in relation to the insect vectors of this disease.

BibTri currently includes 18360 bibliographic references, 98% with its electronic support in PDF, and is being updated on a semi-annual basis.

The production of BibTri is the result of a great effort and collaboration of many people and organizations. With the risk of leaving out many collaborators to this development, the following is the list of people who kindly helped materialize this product:

  • Dr. Christopher Schofield
  • Dr. David Gorla
  • Dr. Diego Guerin
  • Dr. Pedro Albajar Viñas
  • Dra. Paula Marcet
  • Dra. Liléia Diotaiuti
  • Dr. Gerardo Aníbal Marti
  • Dra. Soledad Ceccarelli
  • Dr. Christopher Kribs-Zaleta
  • Dr. Cleber Galvao
  • Dr. Marcelo Lorenzo
  • Dr. Alejandro Hasslocher
  • Lic. María Eugenia Vicente

We want to also convey special thanks to many publishers of scientific journals with which we have had a long exchange of messages, and have made many and valuable suggestions.

We must especially thank "Red Iberoamericana para el Estudio del Control Biológico con TrV de Triatominos Transmisores de la Enfermedad de Chagas", of the "Programa Iberoamericano de Ciencia y Tecnología para el Desarrollo (CyTED)", based at the "Unidad de Biofísica (Csic-Upv/Ehu), Laioa", Spain.

Click here for find a list of all those scientific publications that very kindly have allowed us to use the electronic PDF copies of their articles.

Jorge Rabinovich

NOTE: We apologize that BibTRi has no Portuguese version.

Bibliographic database last update: 2022-12-27